Lokaswara Festival

An event organizer producing music, arts, film and culture festivals,

workshop and conferences for community development and tourism promotion.

Based in Jakarta & Bali, Indonesia.

Founded in 2010 by Franki Raden, Ph.D. - an Indonesian composer

and former Profesor of Fine Arts and Cultural Studies in Canada (York University and University of Toronto)

and Singapore (National University of Singapore)




  • Panggung Musik Nusantara/Road to Indonesian Music Expo (Jakarta)

  • Gotrasawala (Cirebon, West Java)

  • Toraja International Festival (Toraja, South Sulawesi)

  • Bandung International Digital Arts Festival (Bandung, West Java)

  • Eco Music Camp (Bogor, West Java)

  • Sigi Sacred Arts Festival (Sigi, Central Sulawesi)

  • Indonesian Ethnographic Film Festival (Depok, West Java)

  • Togean International Oceanic Festival (Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi)

  • Indonesian Music Expo (Bali)

  • Oceanic Folk Festival (Seribu Islands)


Musical Project



Founded in 2010 by Franki Raden. World-renowned Indonesian

    indigenous orchestra. Consists of 35 indigenous Indonesian musical

    instruments from across the country. Provides musical platform for

    International musical collaboration between nations.


Founded in 2017 by Franki Raden. Consists of 10 indigenous

    Indonesian musical instruments from several regions.

    Winner of global world music competition in Samarkand organized

    by UNESCO & Uzbekistan. Provides musical platform for

    International musical collaboration between nations.


Founder & Director

Mobile: +62 822 6618 4647

Email: fraden53@yahoo.com

Franki Raden is a prominent Indonesian composer, ethnomusicologist, cultural critic and festival organizer who has been working in local and international arts scenes for the past 40 years.    

In 2001, Raden received his doctoral degree in Ethnomusicology with minors in Performance Art and Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

From 1992 to present, he has been active in organizing international music festivals, art expo and cultural exhibitions in Indonesia, Japan, United States and Canada. Among the highlights are Indonesian Music Expo (IMEX), Toraja International Festival (TIF), Eco Music Camp (EMC) and Togean Int’l Oceanic Festival.

From 2004-2005 and 2006-2007, he taught respectively at York University and University of Toronto, Canada. In 2008, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Southeast Asian Studies Program, National University of Singapore.

In 2010, he founded and directed Indonesian National Orchestra (INO), a 35-piece orchestra consisting of indigenous musical instruments from across the archipelago.